Solar Project Development

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Savion is actively developing utility-scale, greenfield solar photovoltaic power projects across the country for utilities seeking renewable and cost-effective energy, as well as commercial and industrial organizations committed to sustainable energy goals. The projects we develop are situated in the best solar resource area within their respective markets, are environmentally compatible with the surrounding vicinity, are strategically located near transmission infrastructure, and are managed to yield the lowest cost of delivered power possible. We oversee every aspect of solar project development and work closely with landowners and host communities. Most importantly, solar power facilities provide positive impacts to the local economies through increased tax revenues to local governments, the creation of new jobs, and landowner royalties.

Energy Storage Project Development

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We believe energy storage plays an essential role in the creation of a sustainable energy future. As developers of energy storage facilities, we complete all the development work to prepare commercial battery storage units for construction and operation.

Development work typically consists of the following:

  • Siting: We perform an in-depth analysis of the grid and transmission system needs in regards to available land to ensure the project sites we select will provide maximum value and will be a compatible land-use.
  • Interconnection: We guide the project through the lengthy interconnection process to safely interconnect the project to the grid through the local utility and transmission provider. The multi-step process typically takes 2 to 4 years.
  • Environmental: Field studies are vital to ensure a safe facility. We conduct research so that our operations are environmentally safe and create no significant social impact.
  • Permitting: We guide the project through local, state, and federal permitting processes.
  • Community Engagement: As part of all projects we develop, we engage with the community to ensure the project values are communicated effectively and address any community priorities in final design and site selection. Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects are some of the least impactful light industrial/commercial projects in any community and generate valuable property taxes for the community.
  • Construction: We deliver quality projects through our EPC partners, generating local jobs in the process.

Through our service model, we offer our customers stand-alone installations or a bundled solar + storage package. Our team continually evaluates best-in-class energy storage technology so we can implement financially-viable battery storage solutions that provide maximum value to our partners.